Bell Home phone is the most reliable phone service available and the simplest way to stay connected. You’ll enjoy simple and affordable long distance, tons of great calling features and a wide selection of phones and accessories.

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Calling Features

Visual Call Waiting - $16.95/mo.

When you're on the phone, see who's calling and decide which call to answer.

Call Answer - $10.95/mo.

Lets callers leave you voicemail even when you're on the phone.

Call Control - $8.95/mo.

Control the calls being made from your home, such as long distance calls and calls to specific local numbers.

Call Display - $10.95/mo.

See who's calling before you decide to answer.

Call Privacy - $8.95/mo.

Block all incoming calls from unknown callers.

Call Waiting - $8.95/mo.

When you're on the phone, be notified of another incoming call.

Voice Dialing - $5.00/mo.

Call your contacts without having to dial their phone number. Simply say the name of the person you want to call.

Call Answer Message Manager - $13.95/mo.

Have up to three additional private voicemail boxes as part of your Call Answer service, plus many other enhancements.

 Last Call Return - $8.95/mo.

Hear the last number to call your home and have the option to call it. Also, you can be notified when a busy line you're calling becomes free.

 Online Voicemail - $15.00/mo.

This innovative service lets you retrieve voice messages online as well as from your phone.

 Online Voicemail with Extensions- $15.00/mo.

Online Voice mail with extensions will allow up to four family members to receive their own private and separate voice mail inbox at no additional cost.

 Ident-A-Call - $8.95/mo.

Have another number for your existing phone line with its own distinctive ring.